Do I have to know how to dance?

No. If you aren’t confident dancing, nobody cares. What’s important is how it feels, not what it looks like. There are never any mirrors, and we don’t allow photos or videos.

What’s the music like?

The music varies from soft and spacious to nostalgic to electronic to world and everything in between. We bring the best DJs to the dance floor, who have studied music for decades and have impeccable taste. Some are music producers and professional singers. You can listen to some past ALIXIR DANCE sets on Soundcloud here.

Why can’t I talk on the dance floor?

Talking takes us out of an awareness of our bodies, and can disrupt others’ experience. When we have the chance to simply move without talking, it gives us the opportunity to become more present.

What do I wear?

Wear whatever you want, just be prepared to sweat. We recommend wearing clothes you can move in that make you feel good, such as yoga clothes. We dance barefoot. Shoes are not allowed. If you aren’t able to dance barefoot, wear soft-soled dance shoes that are for inside use only. Socks are allowed.

Should I come with a dance partner?

At ALIXIR DANCE, people dance alone or with others. Many people arrive by themselves and end up meeting new people and making new friends.

What’s a typical class like?

The experience is a 2 hour ecstatic dance. We finish with a guided meditation.

Why is it only two hours?

We are building a potent transformative experience where everyone can remain present and engaged with the process the entire time. Our experience has been that longer dances challenge our ability to focus. Our aim is to create an experience of group flow and expanded states of consciousness. For that to happen, we need every person in the group to be present and accountable for how they show up during our time together. Your presence is needed.

I’ve heard about ecstatic dance. How is ALIXIR DANCE different?

Donna Carroll, founder of ALIXIR DANCE, has created an experience to help you get out of your head and into your body. Utilizing the tools of breathwork and sound healing, in conjunction with a focused ecstatic dance session led by world-class DJs, creates the ideal conditions for transformative experiences. All you have to do is show up and be willing to participate.

Who is Donna Carroll?

ALIXIR DANCE was born out of founder Donna Carroll’s 15 years of experience producing thousands of ecstatic dance events. Read more here.

What are the guidelines?

We do our best to care for ourselves, to care for one another, and to be aware of how we show up and impact others. We passionately follow the credo, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." In other words, try not to be a jerk.

Here are the three non-negotiable guidelines:

1. No talking. Eliminating talking allows us to move out of our heads and into our bodies. We leave behind the words and worries of the day and connect with one another in new ways.
2. No electronic devices. Disconnect to reconnect. Turn your phone off and connect with others in real life.
3. No alcohol or cannabis. We get high naturally through dancing. Anyone who shows up inebriated will be asked to leave.

Is alcohol or cannabis allowed?

No. ALIXIR DANCE is a space free from intoxicating substances.

Are photos or videos allowed?

While we understand the desire to capture the beauty of dance, we don’t allow photos or videos on the dance floor, ever. It’s important for us to create a safe space where we feel the freedom to move however we wish without the fear it may be captured on a photo or video. Photos and videos take away other people’s privacy, even if they’re in the background or out of focus.

Who will be there?

We welcome all including people of color, religion, political views, sexual orientation, ethnicity, body type, age, gender and ability. We reserve the right to deny access to anyone for any reason.

What’s the refund policy?

In order to protect the livelihood of our DJs, teachers, and producers, we have a strict refund policy. All tickets are final sale and cannot be exchanged or refunded. In the case of an event cancellation without a rescheduled date, a full refund will be automatically issued to each patron on the credit card used to purchase. By purchasing a ticket to this event, you agree to this purchase policy. Before purchasing your tickets, double check the time and location of the event. DJs and teachers are subject to change.

How are you addressing Covid safety?

If you were exposed to Covid, please do not come to dance until you are safely out of the infection window. If there is any doubt in your mind that you might be infected, do a Covid test prior to coming to dance. If you do not feel well, please stay home. We will be following CDC guidelines for mask requirements, and will let you know what the requirement is before each event.

Are children allowed?

Children are allowed at the morning events when accompanied by an adult. The evening events are for adults 18 years and older only.

Can I wear shoes?

ALIXIR DANCE is traditionally done barefoot. If you need to wear shoes, please only wear soft-soled shoes that are never worn on the street. Socks are allowed.

Can I bring water?

Yes. Please bring a water bottle.

Can I bring food?

Food is not allowed on the dance floor. If you need sustenance, you can bring food to eat off the dance floor.

Who do I contact if I have other questions?

Reach out to donna@alixir.dance.

I'm new to ecstatic dancing and didn't know what to expect. I felt welcome and free to move as I pleased. It's a safe container for dance, movement and free expression.
Barbara Yates, Mountain View
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