save the date March 28-30, 2025 & Sept. 26-28, 2025

Open Floor Workshops with Andrea Juhan, PhD

Mountain View, CA

These 3 day nonresidential workshops are taught by Andrea Juhan, co-founder of Open Floor International. Sign up for our newsletter below for more information and to be informed when tickets go on sale.

About Andrea Juhan, PhD

Embodiment as a path of study and devotion holds the felt sense of life as we live it, the creative qualities of imagination, inspiration, and art and the transcendent qualities of presence, compassion, love and Union with Spirit. I have approached embodiment through every doorway I could find: Bodywork, Yoga, dance of all kinds, hiking, living life, being a mother, a lover, Somatic psychotherapy, meditation, thru professional trainings, academic programs, and constant dedicated practice.